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5th Sadao Border Bikeweek 2015


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Reservations Until:30/05/2015 19:00
Starts on:11/06/2015 19:00
Ends on:13/06/2015 19:00



Sadaoborder Bike Week times 5   held by the Metropolitan District Lang (outside) in association with neem Bourne rider bike.

The objective is to promote And promote tourism checkpoint outside town. The Sadao, Songkhla, Thailand border area - .. Malaysia.

The activities in the big bike from the Club in Thailand has issued boots shop - selling various shows from the camp is showing up on the stage with many leading artists.

                                12-13 June 2015

12 June 2015

      • 12.00. Registration Registered.

      • 16.00. Welcome Bikers now get the biker.

      • 20.00. Find concerts pietero PONGTHEP.

13 June 2015

      • 12.00. Registration Registered.

      • 13.00. The procession. At ground level officials to driving to activities at Sadao.

      • 16.00. Activities on stage, performing artists from the length of the exterior.

      • 19.30. The official opening ceremony.

      • 20.00. Find concerts of frogs Taxi. 

Venue: VJ checkpoint outside the area. Sadao. Songkhla.

 Direction to Sadao Border Bike Week 2015.

at VJ Fishind Park (Dan-Nok) Sadao, Songkhla Thailand.

  Contact Info:

Contact 074-523920-26 to 15 (Division of Local Government Studies Lang).

Secondary der 081-8969068, 087-2915527 you SERT, you thousands 083-5369229, 084-6314433 you sighted.

You divide 081-8987862, Mr.Jailong 016-4694335

Mr.Farid 012-5315470, 088-3980933, 

A.dee Padang 0817670555, 010-3808959


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